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This Is Dublin London Belfast offer services in Organisation Development , talent management, executive coaching, performance management and organisation diagnostics. We look after competencies and leadership competencies. This Is helps with organisation culture, culture change, identity as well as coaching, executive and business coaching and mental toughness for high performance organisations. We have worked on leadership in airports, organisation in airports , coaching in airports, aviation , strategic change, balanced scorecard, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing


This Is ... creating better organisations

We are an organisation and leadership development practice. We offer a range of high quality products and services to help organisations and leaders build a high performance culture.  Read  our testimonials and our case studies




We are continuing to develop our thought leadership credentials through writing articles,  giving talks, organising conferences, and contributing to  professional working groups. We write a regular column 'People Matters' in Airport World - see articles below:


Issue 3 2015 Building bridges -  Cooperation, Collaboration and Partnerships

Issue 2 2015 The good,bad and ugly- The Customers Service role and front line staff

Issue 1 2015 Developing risk awareness - The Psychology of Risk

Issue 6 2014 Getting the message across - Motivation and Reward

Issue 5 2014 Continuing success - Sustainable High Performance

Issue 4 2014 Two journeys not one- Investing in Organisation as well as Infrastructure

Issue 3 2014 Courageous leadership - Lessons from Nelson Mandela

Issue 2 2014 Cool head in a crisis - Crisis Management

Issue 1 2014 Worth the investment - Investing in People


We have been invited to design, coordinate and chair the fifth Airport Leadership and Change Summit in Istanbul Dec 8-10 2015 as part of Airport Exchange. This follows the success of the last Summit held in Munich in 2014


Audience Participation at the  Leadership and Change Summit

We are continuing our consultancy work on transformation and change focusing on helping our clients create high performance organisation culture. Our Managing Director Richard Plenty has been working closely in 2015 with the innovative social enterprise Your Healthcare CIC to help develop their organisation and leadership.


We have been increasingly in demand for executive coaching and mentoring over the last year. Our Chairperson Terri Morrissey has been working regularly with the London Business School on coaching and development assignments.


We have been working  with Trinity College Dublin on European funded projects on collaborative decision making, with visits to Brussels and Stockholm as aprt of the PROSPERO project. Terri Morrissey and Richard Plenty have been asked to lead a core module on 'Leading Change' in the new online Trinity  MSC programme on 'Managing Risk and Systems Change' which starts in 2016.


We have been working with our partners Corporate Spirit on the ACI EUROPE AirPeople Survey, wirh recent clients in Naples and Bologna. We continue to deliver the Human Resources Management programme for airports on behalf of the world airports organisation, ACI World with a programme in September 2015 in Abu Dhabi.


"I believe that the capacity that any organisation needs is for leadership to appear anywhere it is needed, when it is needed" Margaret J. Wheatley



Our Approach


We are a networked organisation


We take a strategic, business perspective

We work in partnership with our clients


We focus on creating sustainable high performance


We ensure our work is evidence based


We build leadership capability and capacity


We encourage learning and renewal

We have high professional standards



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Terri Morrissey, ChairPerson

Richard Plenty, Managing Director


Richard Townsend , Head Executive Coaching


Juha Ala-Lipasti of Partners Corporate Spirit


Philip Crocker, Associate







On Our Whiteboard


Update on our clients.

Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors and in many shapes and sizes but all share a common aspiration - creating better organisations.


AIRPORTS: We continue to work with the airport sector. Following on from our work with DAA between 2005 and 2012 on transforming their organisation, we have grown internationally and now work with ACI (Airports Council International) on airports related assignments around the world.




FOOD AND DRINK: We worked with the top production team in Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, based in Ireland, to build a high performance team culture. In 2013 we supported the roll out of cultural change across the Irish organisation. With iconic brands, including Jameson whiskey, international growth prospects are excellent




ENERGY: We partnered with DC Energy to design the organisation and transition plan for the $35b INPEX Ichthys oil and gas project based in Perth Australia - a challenging and exciting 'mega project'. This project is now well underway




HEALTHCARE: We are working with the Chief Executive and leadership of the independent innovative social enterprise 'Your Healthcare' - one of the first such organisations in the UK - on the development of their organisation. In 2013 and 2014 we worked with the Chief Executive of a major Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) in the NHS to review progress on change and with the Transformation team in another CSU. We have been asked to write a chapter on motivation and retention of healthcare professionals for a book to be published by the Open University.


FINANCIAL SERVICES: We worked with a major Ratings Agency to carry out an objective 'health check' of a critical part of their organisation




THIRD SECTOR: Dr Richard Plenty, Managing Director of This Is... , became a Director  of Aoibhneas Women's and Children's Refuge in 2013. During the year the organisation was transformed through leadership and organisation changes.  Terri Morrissey stood down as Chairperson of Aoibhneas at the end of 2013 after 23 years service to focus on other business


We have worked on a number of airport related projects since 2012 for Airports Council International (ACI) who represent over 95% of the world's airports. We run an annual 'Leadership and Change Summit' for airport leaders as described above. We have developed a number of airport specific services, see more ...


ACI World Conference

We participated in the ACI World Conferences in Istanbul in 2013 and Calgary 2012 - and  spoke on 'Courageous Leadership' at the World Conference in Seoul, Korea in 2014


Richard Plenty, Managing Director of This Is, facilitates main session on ' Leadership and

the Next Generation of Airport Professionals' at ACI North America and World Conference & Exhibition Sept 9 - 12 2012 Calgary, Canada attended by over 800 delegates

ACI EUROPE AirPeopleTM Survey

This employee survey is being offered by ACI Europe as the first sector-specific diagnostic to assess high performance airport culture and employee enagagement. We are working with our business partners Corporate Spirit of Finland to provide a world class survey customised for airports. We have established an airport specific benchmark and conducted reserach on airport culture. Our focus in This Is is to work with airport top management and HR to review results and ensure successful follow up


Human Resources Programmes

We designed and delivered programmes on Strategic Human Resources for Airports in Amman, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, we returned to Kuala Lumpur and an additional courses in Johannesburg. We also designed and delivered a succession planning programme in Abu Dhabi in Sept 2013. We will be returnint to Abu Dhabi in 2015 to run the HR programme.



Courage, Authenticity and Identity

The Story of This Is ...

Many years ago, a young aspiring student had to take part in a competitive three and a half hour examination to get into the prestigious university of his choice. He entered the examination room, turned over his paper, and read. There was one question and one question only, on the exam paper.


'What is Courage?' was the question in front of him.

The student thought for a few minutes before writing : 'This is'.


He handed his paper in and walked out of the exam room three hours early. He got an offer.


We named our company This Is ... to reflect the importance of these values of courage and integrity - and the need for actions to be consistent with beliefs - in times of turbulence, uncertainty and change. The company name also emphasises the importance of knowing your identity and what you stand for in times of change and transition


Do you have the courage to work strategically on organisation, leadership and people issues? If so...


This Is ... can help by bringing insights and learning from our experience and from the substantial knowledge that already exists in the literature on organisation and leadership development, executive coaching, people management and business psychology. Contact us to learn more