This Is London, Dublin. Organisation Development.



We provide a high quality diagnostic service for organisations, teams and individuals going through change and transition, equipping them to take action on the basis of data and evidence  - rather than hunch and hearsay

We work with our business partners, Verax, Talent Q, AQR and Zircon to provide up to date diagnostics.  Our services include:

Organisation and Team Diagnostics

We use the VERAX OTI (Organisations Transition Inventory) and TEI (Team Effectiveness Inventory) to analyse organisation and team dynamics and also use BELBIN team profiling in some situations to provide insights into how best to make investments.  Substantial ROI can be expected. We have an international reputation for our ability to understand and use survey data from multiple sources

Self Assessment

We use DIMENSIONS (Talent Q) as a core modern psychometric tool and supplement that with NEO (personality) and SPIRO (transactional analysis). We also use AQR's MTQ 48 to assess mental toughness

360 Feedback Tools

We use the VERAX LFR ( Leading for Results) for chief executives and top managers, and the VERAX PEP ( Personal Effectiveness Profile) for individuals at all levels who want to improve how they work with others


Individual Interviews and Focus Groups

We conduct confidential interviews, summarise and report back.  We sometimes use video and drama to bring these to life


Collation of Organisation Performance Data

We bring together manpower and organisation information to provide organisational insights

Behavioural Observation and Work Shadowing

We gain information about what happens in the workplace through observation and work shadowing

Research Studies

We conduct literature research and peer reviews to produce short summary reports of topics of interest

Data Integration

We have an excellent reputation for our ability to bring together data from disparate sources and make sense of it