This Is London, Dublin. Organisation Development.

This Is ... is a networked organisation

We are a networked organisation with complementary skills who have chosen to work together to achieve our vision - to create better organisations


Our network has a combination of top level management expertise, organisation and leadership development experience, executive coaching skills and a business psychology background.  We share common values and standards.


Our Core Team combines deep business acumen, strategic perspective, bottom line focus, a passion for stakeholder interests and deep psychological insight with the capability to facilitate large shifts in behaviour and mindset. We can co-ordinate and project manage large change programmes, and have general management expertise and HR functional skills.


The core team is augmented by an Associate Network of top level organisation/ leadership development specialists and executive coaches - who share our approach and want to work together on significant assignments where they can make a difference. Our Coaching Panel is a subset of the associate network which specialises in executive coaching.


Our Associate Organisations are organisations  we have developed close relationships  with in order to enable us to leverage our capability and have a much larger impact than we could have working alone. Our core partners currently include:

Aviation Business Media : for aviation and airport marketing, promotion  and publicity

Corporate Spirit: for engagement surveys and other metrics

Dead Ready Productions: video services

Frontline Energy and Environmental:  energy management and green behaviours

Trinity College Dublin: partnership on strategic change/organisation psychology

Mazars UK and Ireland : co-working on larger scale consultancy projects