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Case Study

Implementation of a Performance Management DevelopmentSystem (PMDS) in Irish Local Government

The Challenge

Terri Morrissey and Dr Richard Plenty of This Is (working under the brand Accomplish, a member of the This Is Group) were retained by the Irish Local Government Management Services Board (LGMSB) to assist in the implementation of a Performance Management and Development System (PMDS) in the local government sector. The work was in three phases:


  • The first phase examined the readiness of the local government sector for the introduction of PMDS and developed the most appropriate model for the sector
  • The second stage involved the detailed design and implementation of the PMDS on a pilot basis in six sites, including an evaluation of the pilot process
  • The final stage involved the implementation of a PMDS system in Ireland, and involved rolling it out to all the remaining twenty-eight authorities

What we did

The methodology used was a combination of Train the Trainer, coaching, facilitation, and consultancy support on-site.  There was close liaison with trainers, local authorities and Partnership Groupings to ensure effective implementation of the model and skills transfer to the selected trainers.  In the final stage we trained 120 trainers.



Chris Gavigan and Matt Merrigan, joint chairs of the LGMSB, commented as follows:


'The consultants at each stage of the process demonstrated professionalism, established diverse communication channels with both the local authorities and the Joint Union/Management monitoring group for the sector and through the piloting of the process, finalised a robust model for implementation.  Each stage of the process also involved an independent evaluation process which contributed to the efficacy of the model and its implementation.  A significant feature in the introduction of PMDS involved flexibility in approach given that the sector represents thirty-four individual employers and employs over 35,000 staff and the consultants responded to this requirement which enables the current phased implementation in the sector.


Funding for PMDS was provided on a joint basis by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government and the individual local authorities and it is generally accepted that the implementation of PMDS with the assistance of the Accomplish Consultants has been a cost effective exercise for the sector.' (2005)