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Case Study

Executive Coaching



Director A was the COO of a well known company.  He oversaw a fast moving organisation with many challenges both internally and externally.  This Is was asked to coach him on a pilot basis to see the value of the coaching approach.  At the time of the coaching assignment he was managing the Dublin operation.  This Is had already carried out some work on the culture of the organisation so we had quite a lot of information on the business and the challenges facing this Director.

What we did

We initially contracted with A to work with him over four sessions with two This Is coaches.  This was a new approach for him, but we felt that two of us would give differing and complementary perspectives on his issues and challenges.  We had worked like this before and found it beneficial to the client, so long as they didn't feel overwhelmed! He was willing to give it a go.


Prior to the first session we asked him  (and members of his team) to complete a series of diagnostics: Verax Leading for Results (360); Belbin Team Profile (self assessment); Spiro (Transactional Analysis Profile, self assessment).  These gave a rich source of data which we used in the first coaching session to set the scene and agree areas of strength and areas for development.


We used the first session to give the detailed feedback, working with him to interpret the meaning of the results and what they implied for his leadership style.  From this he developed a plan which included some personal behaviour changes and a number of organisational challenges including aspiring to the role of CEO.  He set a number of targets and also identified an internal ally with whom he could work and ask for ongoing feedback on progress.  We worked with him over the following three sessions, challenging and supporting his targets, behaviour changes and business objectives.  The combination of two coaches provided practical business support, insight into "inner game" issues, challenge around mindset and behaviour and opportunities to work on relationship issues both inside and outside the business.


The coaching worked really well.  He achieved all of his objectives including getting the CEO position!  As a consequence coaching was extended to some colleagues.