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Case Study

Government Agency
Managing Change and Transition

The Challenge

This Government Agency in Ireland is responsible for advocating and advising on policy matters ensuring that the respective acts in relation to their area of expertise are upheld.  More recently it has been told that its operations are to be amalgamated into the Civil Service as part of the Government restructuring of agencies.


As part of that restructuring, the Agency approached This Is to help it deal with the change and transition required on behalf of all its staff. Key to this was the need to get all staff on board with the change and to move forward in a positive way with the changing circumstances.

What we did

We met with each member of the organisation in focus groups to find out what their key issues, anxieties and challenges were in relation to the transition. These meetings yielded a rich source of data to inform the design of a workshop. We designed the workshop in conjunction with the management team to look at how people felt about the change; how they could manage it and how they could positively manage the transition through the development of a roadmap for the future.


Each participant also completed the Belbin Team Assessment questionnaire to gain insight into their role preferences in teams which could inform their future team role behaviour.


The team developed a roadmap for the future where each member had a role in managing the transition. The team moved from being anxious about the change to being "up beat" and optimistic that they could make a difference to the way in which the transition could be managed. They formed action teams to proactively manage the change and to monitor progress as the change progressed.


" I would certainly recommend This Is and their approach to change and transition to any other organisation in a similar position.  We found the experience extremely positive and energising"

CEO of the Agency