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Case Study

Roll out of leadership competencies in Unilever

The Challenge


In 2007 this multinational organisation was faced with increasing competitive pressure in its core markets and substantial scrutiny from the investment community.


The organisation had for many years been heavily decentralised with devolved decision making and was no longer able to operate effectively.


A 'one company' programme - under which multiple business units were integrated into a single operating structure -was introduced cross most of the Group's key markets, bringing greater speed and simplicity to all our operations.


This new organisation and global operating framework required a big cultural change to be successful, with new ways of working and behaviours that would enable the organisation to operate seamlessly across organisational and national boundaries.

Common leadership behaviours were defined which were designed to provide a common basis for operating globally.


The challenge was to find a way of introducing these to thousands of managers

across the world and start the process of changing behaviours

What we did

In conjunction with the Head of Global Performance Management, This Is designed interactive workshops to roll out the newly created leadership standards to all leaders in company worldwide. These workshops lasted between 2-4 hours and were in a common format. We provided all the manuals and considerable back up material on an internal website on related leadership issues and principles.


We then trained the top HR leaders and Directors to themselves train others to run these workshops across the globe.



We monitored the progress of the workshops around the world through feedback on our website.  Over 275 workshops were run covering many thousands of leaders.


The results were very positive (score of 4.6/6 satisfaction), showed which behaviours required attention and were reported at the top level of the organisation.