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Creating the High Performance Airport

Services we offer to airports

We work with our clients to agree with them the scope of work before we start an assignment - and customise and tailor our offerings to their needs and requirements



High Performance Culture: How can you create a high performance culture in your airport? We can work with you to ensure that a high performance mindset, ethos and behaviours is embedded at all levels of the organisation - and help to ensure that your employees are fully engaged and contributing all they can. We use the ACI Europe AirPeopleTM Survey as a diagnostic, working with our business partners Corporate Spirit


Organisation Design: What kind of organisation do you need for the future? We can help you clarify your vision, mission and values and define the kind of organisation you need to be effective - looking at leadership, structure, systems, processes and people


Strategic Change: What is the best way of implementing change? We can work with you to develop a change strategy suitable for your needs, helping you to focus your resources and ensure successful implementation


Energy Efficiency and Behaviour Change: How can you reduce energy costs and engage your staff? We can help help you take a 'socio-technical' whole systems approach which can transform your approach to energy management working with our business partners, Frontline Energy and Environmental




Executive Team Booster: Does your leadership team need an uplift? A one day workshop where we'll examine how well your team works and how it can be improved - using up to date diagnostics, simulation exercises and some best practice examples


Executive Assessment and Coaching: No time for long courses? Then get coaching in place for your key people. High quality coaching can make a real difference to both individual performance and the bottom line. We start by looking at the quality of your current leadership talent pool through a focused assessment process designed to give all participants valuable insights on their leadership strengths, weaknesses and areas for development.


Leadership Succession Planning: Do you know where your future leaders will come from? We will run a two day programme where we will work with key members of your organisation to design a leadership succession planning framework for your organisation



Management training and development: Do your senior managers need development on organisation, leadership and people issues? If so we can provide you with a solution suitable for your needs


  • We design and run training and development programmes for ACI World, including a 5 day 'Airport HR' programme
  • We provide updates on airport 'leadership and change management' to airport management teams on request
  • We develop customised programmes for airport leadership teams

HR Repositioning: Could your HR function be more strategic and business focused? Many of the business issues facing airports have a strong organisation and people component, yet many HR functions remain focused on operational and administrative concerns. Upgrade your HR function through a three day programme with follow up mentoring and coaching



Keynote Speeches: We give keynote addresses to airports on three topics

  • Building an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Engaging and motivating staff in challenging times
  • Developing a high performance culture

Workshop design and facilitation: We have extensive experience of designing and facilitating workshops with real business and personal impact for senior teams in organisations. Contact us to discuss further


Event design and co-ordination: We design, co-organise and facilitate the annual ACI Europe Leadership and Change Management Summit aimed at CEOs, senior managers and HR leaders in the airport sector which this year is being held as part of Airport Exchange in Istanbul, Dec 8-10 2015.





  • ACI Leadership and Change Managment Summit - programme organisers
  • Airport Consultancy - Culture Change and Leadership in DAA 2005 - 2012
  • Airport World Articles. CEO interviews
  • ACI World Conference Presentations
  • ACI World Governing Board - airport leadership discussion
  • ACI Airport HR Training - design and delivery to world airports