This Is London, Dublin. Organisation Development.

Our approach to Organisation Development


We work in partnership with our clients aiming to build their capability and capacity to manage change for themselves and fully engage their staff. Dialogue and discussion underpin all we do.

We view organisation development as a planned programme of change, starting from the top, designed to help an organisation achieve its strategic objectives'. Every case is different, but in a classical programme of change we work as follows:


We begin by developing a contract with our client and agreeing what's needed


We help the organisation to develop a shared understanding of their current situation (using evidence/data), their future aspirations, and how success can be defined


We then work with organisation leaders to develop an appropriate 'change strategy'  building on the latest research on what makes complex strategic change successful - where appropriate advising on organisation structure, leadership assessment and selection


We develop a 'change architecture' linking together all the various elements of an integrated change programme necessary to get results. This then forms the basis for more detailed action plans


We then support the organisation in putting the action plans into practice e.g.


- by designing and running organisation events and team workshops designed to

facilitate organisational learning by providing leadership development and

executive coaching support


- by realigning HR processes such as performance management, talent, reward


- by building an internal network of change agents to support the change


- by monitoring change using performance measures, surveys and focus groups


- We work with the organisation to review and evaluate progress, making adjustments and changes to the programme where necessary to ensure ROI


- In practice we tailor our services to support the particular needs of our different clients