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Programme Design

Executive Coaching should be clearly linked to business and strategic objectives.  This Is works with you to design a coaching programme for your organisation, helping you to decide where best to focus attention and get the greatest value for money.


Coaching within organisations undergoing change (whether it be restructuring, a merger or an acquisition) helps people adjust to change more quickly and more easily.  It can also be a very effective way of developing a 'critical mass' of supportive and skilled leaders who understand organisational values and strategy and have the skills to put these into practice.


We first analyse the current situation working alongside your organisation's senior leaders, using a variety of customised psychometric and diagnostic tools. Together we identify where actions are required and where change is necessary. We develop the strategies and key coaching interventions necessary to make a measurable difference to performance. We look carefully at who will most benefit from the coaching and make sure individual coaching sessions contribute to your overall organisational objectives so that the  organisation gets the best value for money possible. In some cases coaching may not be the most cost effective intervention, and alternative actions can be explored.


We also have the experience to audit and supervise an organisation's existing internal coaching system, saving you money by better targeting your internal coaching.  Coaching is always most effective for the organisation if it is properly coordinated and managed and everyone is aware of how the return on investment is evaluated.