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Emma Donaldson-Feilder


Emma is an Associate of This Is and an occupational psychologist with a deep interest in helping organisations achieve sustainable business performance through improvements in the morale, productivity and engagement of staff.  She works with organisation leaders and employees at all levels to improve their personal effectiveness and quality of working life. She is a specialist in work place wellbeing and was named as Occupational Psychologist Practitioner of the Year in the UK in 2008.


Emma combines down to earth practical knowledge of organisation and workplace issues with an expert knowledge of workplace wellbeing. She is an experienced trainer and leadership/ management developer, a certified counsellor, holds qualifications in psychometric testing, and has substantial coaching expertise. She has a particular interest in the importance of emotional intelligence and psychological acceptance in creating healthy and successful work environments.


Emma's coaching experience incudes  executive coaching for senior managers and top teams, coaching to support health and wellbeing in the workplace, as well as providing  supervision for coaches and other professionals. Supervision services are for coaches and in-house coaching teams, plus supervision/mentoring for Occupational Psychologists and other professionals on projects such as team building, organisation development and workplace health and wellbeing activities


Her preferred style of working is to use up to date scientifically robust analytical frameworks, models and techniques as a basis for facilitating organisational and behavioural change through dialogue and conversation. She uses survey techniques, focus groups and process review in the analytical phase, and believes in taking a 'whole systems ' approach, working in parallel at multiple levels of the organisation. She has used the 'appreciative inquiry' paradigm to help generate commitment and enthusiasm for change.


 In order to have the best possible evidence-base for her work, Emma is actively involved in research; and, conversely, her consultancy and coaching with a range of organisations ensures that the research is of genuine use in real-world settings. Conducted in collaboration with a number of academics and academic institutions, her research focuses on workplace health wellbeing and engagement. Research in which she is involved is characterised by a strong focus on practical application and generates guidance and tools for managers, employer organisations and practitioners, all of which are freely available to download from sponsors' websites, including the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) and British Occupational Health Research Foundation (BOHRF).


In addition, Emma is an author, conference speaker and media commentator, whose writing and presenting includes sharing freely available, research-based, online guidance and tools with a wide range of audiences. She is co-author of "Preventing stress in organisations: how to develop positive managers", a book written with Dr Jo Yarker and Dr Rachel Lewis, published by Wiley-Blackwell. She is also active in the public policy domain, aiming to support evidence-based policy-making.


Emma's professional experience includes periods as a public affairs, international relations and communications professional with organisations including the British Council in Paris, The Government of Quebec, The Law Society, and executive search consultants Heidrick and Struggles. This has given her an international perspective and considerable insight into organisational change. 


Emma has an honours degree in Psychology from Cambridge University, as well as an MSc in Organizational Psychology from City University, where she graduated with Distinction (1st) with a dissertation on workplace well-being and emotional intelligence. She is the author of numerous publications and conference papers in her field of expertise.