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Coaching for Leaders

It can be lonely at the top.  Senior people want and need the opportunity to talk through their challenges in a completely confidential environment.


Executive coaching enables leaders to do this. It's a dynamic partnership that brings real results. It helps develop heightened awareness and understanding around issues, leading to more clarity in decision-making. This in turn creates renewed energy for action.


While we provide support, we take care to ensure that ownership and ultimate responsibility for action remain with the coachee, in line with coaching best practice.

We all know what good leadership looks like but so often it is not implemented effectively, particularly when the business environment is as difficult as it is today.


In challenging times, it is only too easy for leaders to focus so much on the task at hand that they fall into the trap of tunnel vision, rushing to conclusions without thinking through the long-term consequences of their actions, and  forgetting the basics of effectively leading others.


The level of organisational politics also tends to increase in times of change and transition and there is a need for leaders to have the skills and awareness to navigate through this while keeping stakeholders on board. We help you ensure that you keep your focus on sustainable performance.


It's also important that leaders understand that they are role models and the way in which they personally behave and act has a big influence on people around them. Integrity, empathy and authentic behaviour are increasingly seen as important and essential leadership qualities.


We have found that in the current economic climate there is an increased appetite for entrepreneurial skills and creative 'out of the box' thinking -  at the same time as valuing a sense of urgency and the ability to translate ideas into decisive action with an immediate as well as longer term impact.


We have developed our own set of leadership competencies, but in those cases where organisations have developed their own leadership competency frameworks, we will review these with the organisation and use these them as appropriate to provide a context for our coaching services.


Our coaching interventions always work with leaders to build on their current strengths and to identify areas for development. Leadership strengths also can have a shadow side so we work with executives to explore potential pitfalls even when utilising their strengths.