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The First 100 Days

Barack Obama, in publishing his plan for his first 100 days in office, highlighted the growing understanding of the importance of the first 3 months in any new leadership role. But this period is not just important for Presidents of the United States.  Any senior person transitioning to a new job wants to manage the transition in the most effective way possible and lay the foundations for future success. It can be a make or break period when it is easy to get overwhelmed in the detail instead of focusing on the bigger picture.


A coaching partnership in this critical period supports the new leader to understand the dynamics of their new situation, set relevant priorities and put the time into the things that matter. Many questions need careful attention - what are the priorities that need attention now; which are the key relationships to build; what "priorities" can be left to later. The coaching relationship during this period helps the new leader explore his or her options, build strategies based on awareness and clarity of thought; and then helps to put the plans into action.