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Case Study

Experience from AirPeople survey implementation

The Challenge

Over the last 15-20 years the airport sector has become increasingly business focused. Growing external pressures, economic restrictions and legislation have meant that change and transition have become the order of the day. Many airports have moved from public sector to private sector ownership.


People and labour are generally the second biggest cost for airports after infrastructure and capital. At the same time, the level of engagement and commitment of employees at all levels can make a big difference to the overall performance of an airport.


Airport leaders are therefore spending more of their time on staffing issues and addressing the challenge of creating a high performance culture. How can they create an organisation culture and ethos which is customer oriented, focused, innovative and agile? And how can they best motivate and engage their staff so they are fully committed and willing to go the extra mile for their organisation?


What we did

Monitoring and measuring employee attitudes and perceptions on a regular, objective and systematic basis provides an excellent means for pinpointing areas for attention and establishing a constructive dialogue with staff.


Together with our partners Corporate Spirit, we have therefore designed the ACI Europe AirPeopleTM survey system specifically to support Airport Chief Executives, Operational Managers and HR leaders to help achieve a high performance culture and optimise staff engagement - with potentially massive business benefits.


This survey is being promoted by ACI Europe throughout 2014. The survey system has the following features:

• It provides a vehicle for monitoring employee perceptions on both the airport culture and employee engagement, available in over 40 languages, with results benchmarked against both other airports and country norms
• It has a comprehensive, easy to use IT interface which can be used by managers at all levels and helps build ownership of results throughout the organisation
• A process for follow up. An action-planning tool is built in. Recommendations for action are generated for all levels. Leadership and HR team workshops and support are included in the offer
• The price of the package has been heavily discounted for ACI members


The survey itself is just the starting point for communication, dialogue and action intended to facilitate business strategy implementation and performance improvements.





Currently (March 2014), surveys have been completed by Dubrovnik Airport and Finnavia. More will follow during 2014.