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Culture Change

With our network of associates, and with the support of an organisation's internal resources, we work with entire organisations that need to change their cultures and behaviours to remain competitive , monitoring and assessing their cultures, identifying where actions are required, developing existing leaders and identifying where change is necessary. We develop the strategies and key interventions necessary to make a measurable difference to performance. There are two areas where we have strong experience:


Reinvigorating traditional organisations We have considerable experience of working with traditional organisations which want to become less bureaucratic and move towards a more high performance ethos. We have found that change in these circumstances generally needs strong support from the top, planning and persistence


Fast growing entrepreneurial organisations We work with fast growing entrepreneurial organisation that need to take a more systematic and structured approach to developing their organisation and their people in order to remain effective and continue to expand sustainably. Generally they need to place more emphasis on organisation and people issues than in their earlier stages of development