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Mergers and Acquisitions

In mergers, acquisitions, MBO's, MBI's, venture capital injections, joint ventures, the management of outsourcing,  we work with the top teams and investors from the start, focusing on people and organisation issues, to ensure excellent business relationships and high performance outcomes. We ensure 'due diligence' is applied to organisation and people issues in the same way as legal and financial considerations


This Is ... how we approach Mergers and Acquisitions

A company enters a growth phase and for a number of reasons seeks to expand capacity, be it in terms of entering new markets, new product development or expanding the talent base.  It needs an injection of capital to achieve this and approaches venture capitalists.


A people and organisation due diligence process can help to assess the potential risk to investor return in terms of the capacity of the people in the company to use the funds wisely.  Are they the ones to be trusted with the next wave of expansion?  Can they hack it in terms of the new demands?  Have they the skills and competence to operate with boards and non executive directors...when up to this point they had been masters of their own destiny? How will they manage and more importantly, how will they use the capital injection to judiciously grow the business? How will they handle the performance of the original players and the new blood that they may be required to take in under the terms of the investment deal?


Once the deal has been agreed, there may also be a need for post investment support to assist the new leadership team, coach and develop the key players, and further develop the organisation to cope with the increased demands.