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Case Study

NHS CSU Change Strategy Review




Greater Manchester Commissioning Support Unit commenced operations and delivery on 1 April 2013. Following the first four months of operation, we were asked by the Managing Director to review operational experience and client data and help with the development of a plan of action for the remainder of 2013.

The work came about through our partnership with the Mazar's Health team. Mazars was initially invited to work with the Commissioning Support Unit to provide support to the Service Redesign Department, which was struggling to meet client expectations with several projects.

What we did

A series of 18 semi structured diagnostic individual interviews was carried out with key members of the organisation. Interviewees were asked to review their experience to date and their thoughts on challenges for the future.


At the same time, key documents relevant to the assignment, provided by the Managing Director, were reviewed


An interim report was written based on this data, referencing and incorporating relevant experience from similar change projects elsewhere.

The report was discussed with the Managing Director, members of the Executive Team and Mazars in an Executive team meeting, and a final report submitted immediately thereafter incorporating the comments and observations of the top team.




The intervention provided a useful opportunity for the Managing Director and top team to reflect together and take stock of the overall change process in the midst of a turbulent, busy and demanding period, and helped the process of identifying the key priorities for action.