This Is London, Dublin. Organisation Development.

Case Study

Helping an entrepreneurial company organise for expansion and growth

The Challenge

This company is a successful organisation with an entrepreneurial culture.  It has grown rapidly in property development and the international reach of its portfolio.


By 2006, the rate of expansion meant the organisation was becoming stretched. Finding and retaining people of the right calibre was a challenge.


Directors of the company invited This Is to review their organisation in 2006 in the light of their rapid rate of growth and organisational challenges

What we did

This Is initially carried out a culture diagnosis in Q1/Q2 2006.  Every member of staff was interviewed on a confidential semi-structured basis, and a benchmarked culture survey tool completed by the organisation (the Verax Organisation Transition Inventory, OTI).


The results of the overall diagnosis were presented to the Board along with recommendations on an organisation development programme, including a people strategy, to deal with issues highlighted in the diagnosis. It was clear that dealing with these matters would help the organisation to continue to expand in an effective way.


This Is subsequently worked with the Board, shareholder owners and top team on identifying the people issues in the organisation and formulating a comprehensive people strategy and development plan. Vision and values were articulated and communicated to staff. Team workshops were conducted.  Communications were enhanced. Three of the Directors have gone through executive coaching with This Is.



A professional HR Director has been recruited and has overseen further developments.

The review marked a turning point in the way that the company deals with organisational and people issues, which are now routinely considered and managed at the top level.