This Is London, Dublin. Organisation Development.

Our Approach to Leadership Development

We tailor our services and the approach we take to suit the particular needs and circumstances of our different clients.  We always carry out a diagnostic 'needs analysis' before agreeing to run a leadership programme.


We agree clear objectives with our clients and aim to be able to demonstrate clearly the ROI from their investment in training and development.


We work in partnership with our clients and deliver our services through a combination of the following 'programme elements' which we tailor to the particular circumstances:


  • Formal programmes These are structured programmes that aim to develop leadership skills. They typically involve mixed groups and run offsite for 1-5 days

  • Working with 'intact teams' These can be a powerful way of developing organisational capability. They are run with intact teams either in house or offsite and usually last anywhere from 1-5 days. We develop the agenda with the client and facilitate the teams

  • Train the trainer It can often be most effective to develop internal staff to act as trainers, and in many programmes the major focus of our efforts is to develop and train internal staff so that they themselves can train others in the organisation
  • Project assignments Stretching 'in house' projects and assignments, particularly inter -functional ones, can provide great learning opportunities and produce immediate results. We work with the organisation to identify, coordinate, and support suitable projects

  • Executive coaching We find that executive coaching can be a very helpful component of any programme of leadeship development