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Our Approach to Talent Management

We work in partnership with our clients keeping the following principles in mind:


  • The starting point for talent management is a clear understanding of business strategy and the organisation and roles required to deliver it.  The talent management system needs to include all managers as well as identify those 'high flyers' who may have the potential to reach management level
  • The talent management system needs to include all managers not just the most senior, as well as identify those 'high fliers' who may have the potential to reach management level. It is important to understand the bench strength of the organisation as a whole and where external recruitment may be required
  • Leaders of the organisation have a responsibility to get to know their staff and to understand both their aspirations, and their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to generate career options for individuals which they can buy into and which can serve the organisation's needs, as well as to identify development and coaching needs
  • The development of leaders needs to be planned cross functionally rather than within organisation silos, with both optimal organisation deployment and longer term individual development in mind. It is important to ensure a good mix of talent and encourage diversity and inclusiveness. This may requires a change in mindset
  • Each individual needs to be assessed in an objective manner, for example performance, potential and promotability. For selected individuals a more formal assessment process may be needed which can be benchmarked externally
  • It is sensible to invest most in those with the most potential and deal with those who are either unwilling or unable to perform
  • A transparent system needs to be in place for staff planning with suitable metrics defined. The process should be a leadership priority to which key leaders devote time and effort.