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Our Approach to Performance Management



We work in partnership with our clients keeping the following principles in mind:


  • Performance management is not therefore just about reviewing past performance, but about improving future performance - understanding roles clearly, as well as defining the actions and the necessary development required to achieve organisation, team and individual goals
  • A good performance management system underpins a high performance ethos. We see performance management as the activity of monitoring performance against clearly defined objectives with the principal aim of learning and identifying opportunities for improvement. It is essential in developing a sense of individual accountability and 'stewardship' and is a critical process that is fully deployed in sustainable high performance organisations
  • We use a balanced scorecard approach. Progress is measured not just in terms of financial results, but also on how well the organisation is managing its operations, strategy, customers and people
  • We aim to ensure there is good alignment or 'line of sight' between top level objectives and individual performance goals - and that this is communicated excellently
  • We also see performance management as key in identifying development activities which will contribute to improvements and/or to longer term individual career aims
  • Wherever possible, we use performance management as a foundation for reward and recognition and career development processes
  • We believe that excellent dialogue and 'good conversations' at all levels of an organisation are absolutely critical to the success of a system