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Our Frameworks



We use the following models and frameworks in our work. If you would like to find out more about them, contact us  at

About our Frameworks and Models


Our Leadership, Change and Strategic HR modelTM is used as the basis for ACI Strategic HR training. The model shows the overall strategic HR process. The different colures show the days when topics are covered over the 5 day programme



The Shamrock Model of Leadership CompetenciesTM has been

developed by This Is to group together the key areas of competence required by leaders - business, interpersonal and self management - as well as reflecting the need to achieve sustainable high performance. This model has been published in Airport World  June 2013



 Our Change Strategies Selection ParadigmTM was first published in an article in 'Business Psychology in Practice', Wiley 2003, in a chapter 'Why won't they do what we tell them' written by Richard Plenty. It shows how different paradigms and approaches  to change should be used in different situations 


The Engagement ModelTM we use was developed by our business partners Corporate Spirit after analysis of the data from tens of thousands of employee survey returns. It forms the basis of the AirPeople TM Survey