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This Is ... creating the high performance organisation


  • Our focus is on creating better organisations. Ask us for support if your organisation is going through major change - or if people issues are affecting your business performance
  • We can help you improve performance, ensure the effective delivery of your strategy and improve your capability to manage change
  • We also pride ourselves on our ability to educate, inform and develop our clients' capability on matters connected with organisation, leadership and people
  • We work in partnership with our clients
  • We aim to have real measurable impact on results



Change Strategy: What is the best way of implementing change? Speak to us before you employ the big consultancy firms! We will work with you to develop a change strategy suitable for your needs, helping you to define your vision, mission and values as well as clarifying the approach you should take, what you need to do and the requirement for external resources. We will help you develop a plan to increase your organisation's capability and capacity to manage change - and minimise the costly use of externals

Leadership Team Development: Does your leadership team need an uplift? We can help you re-energise your leadership team. We have developed a one day workshop where we examine how well your team works and how it can be improved - using up to date diagnostics, simulation exercises and best practice examples. We ensure what we do is tailored and customised to your requirements

Executive Coaching: Do the leadership skills of your key people need immediate improvement? Then get coaching in place for your key people. High quality coaching can make a real and rapid difference to both individual performance and the bottom line. We start by looking at the quality of your current leadership talent pool through a focused assessment process designed to give all participants valuable insights on their leadership strengths, weaknesses and areas for development - then follow this with customised coaching. You should see results within 3-6 months with marked improvements in leadership skills, decision making and performance of your coached executives

Building a High Performance Culture: How can you create a high performance ethos and ensure your organisation is aligned and people are working together effectively to achieve your organisation's strategic objectives? We can work with you to design your organisation to ensure that a high performance mindset, ethos and behaviours are embedded at all levels of the organisation - and help to ensure that your employees are fully engaged and contributing all they can. You don't have to do it alone!

Organisation Health Check: How well is your organisation doing? We can help you assess objectively organisation, leadership and team performance using a combination of benchmarked diagnostic tools, interviews, focus groups and our experienced professional insight

Thought Leadership: Does your organisation need to get ‘up to speed' on a specific topic? We give entertaining and impactful presentations on a number of key issues, backed up by relevant research, latest thinking and our own publications and presentations. We are able to deliver these in either a straightforward presentational setting or as part of an interactive workshop experience. Topics we currently offer are:


  • Courageous Leadership
  • Crisis Management
  • Building an entrepreneurial mindset
  • The Ageing Society
  • Engaging and motivating staff in challenging times
  • Developing a High Performance Culture

Please speak to us if you have another topic in mind and we will see what we can do, We do keynote addresses and ‘after dinner' speaking as well as presentations within organisations.

Training and Development: Are you looking for training and development on ;leadership, organisation and people matters? We have an international reputation for the quality and effectiveness of our 3-5 day programmes on leadership development, HR strategy, and leadership succession planning. We develop customised programmes as part of our service, so please speak with us

Events and Workshops: We have extensive and widely recognised experience in the design, organisation and facilitation of major events and internal and external workshops. We combine innovative and creative approaches and insights with impactful and sustained outcomes for the business, teams and individuals


We work with our clients to agree the scope of work before we start an assignment - and customise and tailor our offerings to their needs
Initial consultation is always free; we will then produce a short proposal for you.
Prices range from £250 (individual support) to £100K+ (large change projects) .
It's easy to get started - contact and we'll do the rest!