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Richard Townsend, Head of Executive Coaching



Richard Townsend is Head of Executive Coaching for This Is and is an experienced and respected leadership consultant, coach, trainer and adviser in organisational and team leadership. He has extensive knowledge within the field of education and business, supporting international training programmes for the British Council and other agencies in a number of countries, including China, South America, Africa, the Middle and Far East.


He has contributed to leadership development programmes for the British Council and on conferences for the Ecole Superieure de l' Education Nationale in France and in Spain. He has addressed conferences in the health sector on the "Every Child Matters" agenda and also on the United Nations global report on Children and Violence. He most recently addressed the UN conference in July 2011 in Tunis on the democratic process of change.


Richard's was formerly Principal of a multi-ethnic Beacon school, Pathfinder school, "London School of the Year" (2001), OFSTED list of particularly successful schools. His leadership has been described as "outstanding" (1999) and he has a proven track record of making an impact.


Following Headship he worked for the Department of Education as an Adviser for the London Challenge supporting underperforming schools in challenging circumstances with heads, local authorities and governing bodies. He trains and coaches potential and current school heads for the National College, the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the University of London and the Urban Leadership Centre. Other current and recent work includes conducting training programmes and professional assignments in a range of countries and working with the Teaching Leaders programme (whose mission is to grow middle leaders), supported by the Secetary of State, the Department of Education and ARK.


Richard has advised various bodies, think tanks, government departments and the Prime Minister's (Tony Blair) Delivery Unit and Cabinet Office. He was a member of the National Council for the Association of Schools and College Leaders, Board Member of the Learning and Skills Council, Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Governor for six years of the National Centre for Languages, appointed by the Secetary of State.


He is a versatile, committed and enthusiastic consultant whose core skills include excellent interpersonal, communication, influencing and presentational skills; all aspects of organization leadership and management: ethos and vision, values and strategy.


Richard has many interests and passions. He is a lover of literature, speaks many languages and enjoys theatre and music. He also has been a tennis champion and explorer and comes from a long line of exceptional ancestors! He was the subject of a BBC documentary series for his groundbreaking work as a Head of Department.

He was presented with a life-long achievement award in 2004.
Richard holds the following post graduate qualifications: MA in Modern & Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge, PCGE from Kings College and he studied for an MBA from Leeds Metropolitan University.