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Women Executives

There is a mass of evidence to support the view that having women in leadership roles makes for improved business performance, yet there still remains a shortage of women at the top of organisations. Whilst there can be debate as to whether women leaders should be targeted for coaching, there is no doubt that women face different challenges and decisions than men at different times in their organisational life.


It is important that women have the opportunity to be developed systematically throughout their career with leadership roles in mind, and that any gender specific issues are addressed.  For example, we know that large numbers of women leave organisational life at a time when they have the potential to be developed as senior leaders. For organisations, losing potential women leaders is a bottom line issue, not just a gender- balancing act.


This Is customises coaching programmes for women executives, in conjunction with the organisation, which allow women to work through these dilemmas; to review priorities; and work out options that could be explored and negotiated with the organisation.