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Team Coaching

This Is works with teams at all levels in times of change and transition, building the teams and coaching the leaders, helping them to define and articulate their strategic direction, their values and what they stand for, and how they want to behave and work with their stakeholders.


We coach teams as a whole, as well as individual team members. We build on best practice, accurate diagnosis and the most recent research findings. Team coaching focuses on common themes, but is again customised to specific situations. Teams thrive


  • when members commit to a common purpose
  • agree a common set of standards and approach
  • are focussed on delivery for which they hold themselves mutually accountable


Our approach is to carry out an initial diagnosis and then design the team coaching process with agreed deliverables.


We have particular expertise and skill in working with top teams and Boards. Team working at this level presents a major challenge for a host of reasons and provides a major challenge for the executive coach. It requires not only an understanding of team dynamics, but an appreciation of the external environment, governance obligations, organisational politics, and professional accountability   as well as how to work with a mix of generally strong and ambitious personalities. Managing uncertainty, change and the balance between short term expediency and the longer view are critical competencies for top teams in the current climate.


We also specialise in working with intact leadership teams who need to make a total reassessment of their organisation's strategic positioning and who need to take action rapidly to ensure that their organisation is in a position to survive the current business climate and positioned appropriately for any upturn. We bring in high quality business strategy advisors to work with us as necessary. Working with an intact team speeds up both decision making and subsequent implementation and helps to ensure a coherent, cohesive and cogent team approach.