This Is London, Dublin. Organisation Development.

Declan Collier, CEO London City Airport, former CEO DAA and President of ACI Europe

"Terri Morrissey and Richard Plenty of This Is... provided invaluable support to me in my role as Chief Executive of DAA between 2005 and 2012, a time when the organisation needed to go through a significant transformational change in both the culture and the infrastructure. This Is... worked with me to establish key processes on leadership, culture and people development and the development of a high performance culture including

  • Creation of Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) with the top team and subsequent communication and rollout to the organisation
  • Design and roll out of performance management system from strategic objectives and business scorecards to individual tasks and targets
  • Design, coordination and facilitation of calendared Executive Workshops linked to the strategic business cycle
  • The design and implementation of talent management and succession planning systems
  • Leadership development, including Director and high potential staff
  • The development of an internal change network to support change implementation

 I found them highly professional in their approach, with creative and innovative methods for bringing about change in culture, behaviours and mindset. They were always able to link back their work to the strategic objectives of the business, and were able to navigate their way through a complex environment with many stakeholders.


I would recommend them to any CEO, both in the airport context and also in the wider business environment, who requires external support and expertise to aid in the transformation of their organisation and culture."

Declan Collier

CEO London City Airport, former CEO of DAA and President of ACI Europe



Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard

"Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard produces Jameson, the world's fastest growing premium  whiskey.  We, the Production Division of Irish Distillers, pride ourselves in our approach to quality, innovation and world class manufacturing.

ThisIs... is a long term partner of ours delivering consistently professional, challenging and supportive consultation, coaching and mentoring to me in my role and to my teams particularly in the area of performance management.

I have personally worked with Terri since 1999.  In that time she has been invaluable in helping me modernise the Production Division, its culture and approach to change.

Terri combines a deep knowledge of our business and strategic objectives, with the skills and competencies required to bring about real behaviour and mindset change at all levels.

More recently we have embarked on a Division wide drive for excellence, sustainability and innovation.  ThisIs... has designed and delivered innovative ways of building these competencies in our team, with significant returns for the business.

I highly recommend This Is... to any organisation wishing to transform its business culture and develop Leadership competencies, in a time of change"

Peter Morehead, Production Director

Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard

Irish Local Government Management Services Board

"The consultants, Terri Morrissey and Dr. Richard Plenty, demonstrated professionalism at each stage of the process, established diverse communication channels with both the local authorities and the Joint Union/Management monitoring group for the sector and through the piloting of the the process, finalised a robust model for implementation.  Each stage of the process also involved an independent evaluation process which contributed to the efficacy of the model and its implementation.

A significant feature in the introduction of the Performance Management and Development System (PMDS) involved flexibility in approach given that the sector represents thirty-four individual employers and employs over 35,000 staff and the consultants responded to this requirement which enables the current phased implementation in the sector.

Funding of the PMDS was provided on a joint basis by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and the individual local authorities and it is generally accepted that the implementation of PMDS with the assistance of the consultants has been a cost effective exercise for the sector."

Chris Gavigan and Matt Merrigan, Joint Chairs

Irish Local Government Management Service Board



 Children's Acts Advisory Board, Ireland 

" I would certainly recommend This Is and their approach to change and transition to any other organisation in a similar position.  We found the experience extremely positive and energising"

CEO of the Agency



 ConduitTelephone Directory Services

"I am delighted to to give my support to Terri Morrissey and her team and wish them well.  Terri worked with Conduit at a time when we were undergoing rapid expansion and change.  She helped me and the management team to manage the effective development of our organisation and equipped the managers and team leaders with the skill and behaviours necessary to cope with this exponential development.  I have been very impressed with her outstanding professionalism and effectiveness.  Her skills in behaviour change, leadership development and teamworking have added significant value to our organisation."

Liam Young, former CEO


Kingston NHS Provider Services

"Richard Plenty of 'This Is' took time to understand the dynamics of  our organisation, Kingston NHS Provider Services, and applied a structured understanding of how organisations, teams and individuals work to help us in our plans to make the transition from a Provider Service inside the NHS to a social enterprise 'Your Healthcare'.  His work has complemented the formal business plans that we have developed.  Everyone on the senior team trusts him and respects the wide experience and knowledge he brings to the table.  I can't imagine us being where we are today without his support, as he has enabled us to take time out to reflect on the issues and put in place the necessary plans."

Siobhan Clarke, Managing Director of Provider Services, NHS Kingston

May 2010


Keith Power, Olympic Coach

"Richard Plenty is an outstanding coach and mentor.  He has coached and advised me through many challenges over the years.  As someone who coaches and consults with elite level sports performers and business performers on a day to day basis, I recognise the need to monitor and evaluate my own performance which I do with Richard.  His experience in the business world, academic background, as well as his coaching experience and expertise is a winning formula for me."

Keith Power

Olympic Coach

Sports Psychologist to England World Cup Professional Footballers

Business Coach to Fortune 500 Executives


Peter Cutler, Managing Partner

"I started working with Richard Plenty at a time of rapid business growth when I was working as a Managing Partner in a large corporate environment, complicated by a merger with another large firm.  It had become clear to me that political skills were at least as important as business development skills in a modern large corporation.  I was not well-equipped to deal with these changes and I needed some expert coaching.


Richard was able to explain cogently to me how senior people were likely to behave; where I was vulnerable to political attack; and how I might anticipate such actions and respond accordingly.  At times he appeared to be almost clairvoyant in identifying exactly how other department heads would position themselves and how they would seek to present their position to best advantage (and my detriment!).  This helped me to prefer effective defences and to find "win-win" common solutions.


Rapid change is a fact of life in the modern business environment, as is dealing with collosal egos and self-serving  behaviours among senior staff.  I thoroughly recommend "This Is" to other senior executives dealing with the realities of modern business life who may be seeking assistance in navigating the corporate minefield, whilst not losing sight of vital business objectives."

Peter Cutler, Managing Partner


Coillte Enterprise

Having worked for over 25 years in the private and semi-state sectors, I found the recent experience of working with Richard Plenty to be deeply challenging and rewarding beyond any previous coaching programmes.  His unique science and psychology background provides extraordinary insights around leadership competencies for Executives who aspire to reach new levels, whatever the sector."


Mark Foley, Managing Director, Coillte Enterprise

March 2010


Royal Dutch/Shell Group - Shell People Survey

"Richard was instrumental in helping to launch the Shell People Survey from its origin.   Working closely with businesses and focal points throughout Shell, he helped to build a virtual network of people at multiple organization levels who created our survey system.  Most importantly beyond the logistics of survey management Richard played a major role to make sense of the data and turn it into useful information, working closely with the survey provider and the businesses.  He was also one of the architects of a successful and sustained survey reponse action follow up process, which continues to this day. The Shell People Survey has over its six year history become a fundamental part of nurturing Shell's overall People Strategy and contributes to the efforts we put in o upgrading our employee value proposition.  Richard represented both continuity and creativity throughout the years he worked on the survey.  He approached his clients with respect and dignified their work by his supportive advice and feedback."

John Hofmeister, Director Human Resources

Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies


Shell International - Diversity and Inclusiveness

"Richard, I wanted to thank you for all the work you have done on our Diversity and Inclusive Indicator as part of the People Survey - first as a colleague and then as a supplier.  It has made a great diffferece being able to put a stake in the ground about how inclusive the culture is.  I was particularly grateful for the work you did in helping analyse the DII and the overall People Survey from a regional perspective, in preparation for our series of Diversity conferences around the world.  It was great to have data to base our discussions and learning on."

Jacey Graham, Head Diversity Strategy and Planning

Shell International


Dublin ArchDiocese"The Dublin Diocese is a large employer providing a broad range of services.  'This Is' provides organisational development support to the Diocese which has benefitted from the depth and range of advice and experience which 'This Is' is able to bring to bear on local management matters as well as more complex organisational change".

Jerome Ford, HR Director, ArchDiocese





Personal reference based on experience of Terri Morrissey as Partner in Emerge

 "Terri's expertise in both strategic organisation development and responsibility based leadership is world class and her client relationships and contribution are outstanding. Terri was instrumental early in my career and professional development. Her guidance, insight and support were invaluable and deeply impactful." 

Barry Bloch, Group Managing Director - People



Worley-Parsons, Australia
Personal reference based on experience of Richard Plenty in Shell International 


 "Richard is a leading expert in organisation diagnosis and development. His work with Shell in the areas of organisation culture and climate was benchmark best practice and remains a model for many other global organisations"

Barry Bloch, Group Managing Director - People