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Top Team Development


"There are deeper sources of resistance, more misconceptions and tougher obstacles to forming real teams at the top than any where else in the organisation"


Katzenbach and Smith


Top Team Development

Teams at the top of organisations can be difficult places to work - unforgiving and intolerant of mistakes, frequently made up of "aggressive movers" who do not place a great priortity on group maintenance skills, and no "court of appeal".


We work with boards and top management teams parrticularly in times of change and transition.   We help them to work together more effectively, improving team processes and working relationships.


We use diagnostic tools such as the Verax TEI (Team Effectiveness Inventory) and Belbin Team profiling to help teams get better insight into how well they are working and how they can improve.


We use a variety of team building approaches depending on the circumstances including outdoor activities where appropriate.